The Retail Row

The Grove Retail Row is located at the front of the property and directly accessible from C-5. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy new-concept, handpicked restaurants that offer the full gamut of gastronomic experiences.

Early birds can enjoy a breakfast fare first thing in the morning (or any time of the day) at Starbucks, Pi Breakfast & Pies, or The Gardens: Brunch Club and Social Café. Those hankering for their favorite comfort food can count on casual eateries like Sunrise Buckets for buffalo wings, Burger Pub for burgers, and Hanamaruken for ramen. Adventurous palates will love the authentic Indian fare at Om Indian Kitchen and the Japanese classics at Asakusa. Those looking for something new and buzz-worthy can check out the delicious menu at Alley, Precynct, and Backyard Restaurant. And for people in a hurry, Rustan’s Supermarket’s Gourmet-to-Go is the go-to pit-stop for sandwiches, salads, and other convenient items ready for takeout. There is something for everyone, food lovers especially, to enjoy at The Grove by Rockwell’s Retail Row.

“Your friendly neighborhood sandwich shop”
When the Tenchavez siblings decided to open a sandwich shop, Chef Thirdy Dolatre came on board to help realize their concept of a home outside of home. Co-owner Butz Tenchavez shares, “We want it to become a community restaurant where you can just go in and have a sandwich, or if you want something with more substance, go for the steak. It’s meant for everyone.” He adds, “We get a lot of residents but on weekends we have foodies traveling from the south and north areas just to try our food.” They come for the proudly artisanal menu that boasts of everything homemade—bread, pasta, dressings, and even the meat cured in-house.

Patrons can share generous servings of Alley’s comfort food favorites while enjoying the cool interiors dominated by a striking black-and-white mural. Alley is also an ideal place for a nightcap thanks to an interesting cocktail selection with names like Kiss From a Rose, Peach Perfect, and Adam’s Apple. During summer, expect a more seasonal drinks menu from Alley like the addition of watermelon shakes and other tasty chillers.

“Laid-back gourmet cooking”
You’ll get that familiar feeling of home the moment you step inside Backyard Grill. With mix-and-match interiors, recycled knickknacks like license plates, and whatnots, this place definitely has a sense of fun. Executive chef and co-owner Edward Bugia explains, “We wanted it to be more like your own backyard with a lot of recycled materials.” It’s the perfect place to stay and hang out. He adds, “After a long day at work, people want to just kick back, relax, have a good meal and maybe a few beers. That’s it.”Backyard is proudly locavore, favoring local ingredients like Kitayama Wagyu beef from Bukidnon and locally brewed craft beers. Chef Ed adds, “We’re a farm-to-table restaurant. We’re not 100% organic but we try our best to use as

Backyard is proudly locavore, favoring local ingredients like Kitayama Wagyu beef from Bukidnon and locally brewed craft beers. Chef Ed adds, “We’re a farm-to-table restaurant. We’re not 100% organic but we try our best to use as much organic ingredients as possible.”

“Japan’s home of tempura”
Named after a Tokyo district where all the tempura houses are located, Asakusa simply wants to offer its customers nothing but the best of authentic Japanese food. Chief Marketing Officer Celline Bautista shares, “We want to be able to give the whole Asakusa experience. Serve high quality food with great service.” Aside from their unique tempura sets like the Shogun, Geisha, and Emperor sets, first-timers can also try the Samurai set with cold udon and salmon salad or choose from the new steak menu. The Japanese Saikoro steak is a big hit as well.

“Cheffed up breakfast fare”
Executive chef Edward Bugia promises to bring to this second branch the same cozy ambiance found at the original hugely popular breakfast place in Teacher’s Village, Quezon City. As a resident of The Grove by Rockwell himself, Chef Ed chimes, “I think the location is perfect just because of the fact this is a very good condo development. I think people have a hard time going out for breakfast because of the traffic along C-5. So it just made perfect sense for me.” Aside from the restaurant’s trademark pie selection, check out its creatively made pastries (think Spanish bread with dulce de leche or pork floss pastel bun). Come to this place for all your old breakfast favorites.

“Happiness in a bowl”
This popular Japanese franchise was discovered by the local owners (who are also well-traveled foodies) during a trip to Osaka. The restaurant prides itself in its expertise in preparing pork. You’ll have an unforgettable ramen experience for sure. Each bowl has excellent meat choices prepared by passionate chefs. In English, hanamaruken means flower (hana); round (maru); restaurant (ken). Founder Takaku Arakawa drew inspiration from his family’s background in butchery to create a distinct marriage between meat and ramen. Hanamaruken is also a subsidiary of the Arakawa Pork Company, is a reputable supplier of meat in Osaka, Japan.

“Perfectly good burgers and brews”
Brothers JP and Chef Richard Lim wanted a simple menu. “Our concept is no-fuss burgers. We concentrate on the patty.” He adds, “We were leaning toward burgers because we really like burgers. But we wanted to incorporate the pub concept with it.” So the brothers introduced a veritable bevy of beers—22 in all! “Just like our menu, the beer here changes from week to week, so there’s always something different,” JP adds. Don’t miss out on the Bastard Burger made with Canadian beef, a houseblend sauce, and a burger bun made in-house as well.

“Bringing the Melbourne café culture experience into your neighborhood”
A group of friends traveled to Australia and decided to bring the vibe back to Manila by opening this sleek neighborhood café that serves good quality beans from specialty coffee purveyor Yardstick. Co-owner Kevin Tan explains, “We’re trying to bring the Melbourne experience here where you can get good coffee, good food, and good service.”
Aside from its topnotch coffee, Precynct boasts of a multicultural menu inspired by Australia and its Asian neighbors, but with a distinctly on-trend vibe—think out-of-the-box coffee concoctions and gin-centric cocktails—that the younger generation will appreciate.

“Your daily healthy habit”
The brainchild of sisters Bridget Co and Annabelle Co-Martinent, The Gardens is a brunch sanctuary for the health-conscious. “We would like for people to think of us whenever they feel they need to consume healthy food,” Annabelle says.
The Gardens may serve healthy dishes, but its all-day brunch options cater to gourmets as well. “Whether you just want to pop in for your fresh juice fix or sit down for a filling breakfast, The Gardens is the place to go,” Annabelle remarks.

“Buffalo wings any way you like”
Famous for its 26 mouthwatering sauces, Sunrise Buckets has a buffalo wings selection that’s inspired by owners Bridget Co’s and Abigail Co-Haw’s food adventures around the world. Choose from original and spicy sauces, dry rubs, and alcoholic sauce blends all handcrafted and made with authentic imported ingredients. “We love that the location is a destination in itself. It’s a quaint community and makes everyone feel at home and relaxed. As we share our delightful wings by the bucket, we also share buckets of love to our team and customers,” Abigail says.

“Your good ol’ hangout”
Starbucks founder and CEO Howard Schultz visited The Grove by Rockwell after it won Starbucks’ “Best New Core Design in Asia” in 2013. Because of its uniquely Filipino-themed resort design, the Starbucks store at The Grove beat 111 Starbucks outlets around Asia.

“North Indian home cooking at its best”
Growing up in Delhi, owner Suman Gogna is proud of her country’s culinary heritage. “Indian cooking has a lot of ingredients and spices. But it’s not just about the chili or that Indian food is always so spicy,” she elaborates. And so, Suman has set out to open the minds (and palates) of Filipinos using the recipes she grew up with. She personally trained her chef and staff to cook Northern Indian cuisine the right way. “It’s authentic Indian flavor but it’s not the commercial kind of cooking. We make all the spices. There are no shortcuts. We make everything fresh and from scratch,” she adds. Om Indian Kitchen offers many of the classics of North Indian cooking, including lots of vegetarian options so flavorful you won’t miss the meat. Try the slow-cooked curry dishes like the popular Mutton Rogan Josh as well as biryani rice made with either veggie or chicken.