Sunset Beats and Eats: Second Edition

Good food and good music converged at The Grove’s Retail Row.

Coming from a successful launch in November 2015, The Grove by Rockwell welcomed the New Year with another installment of Beats and Eats. Set outdoors at The Grove Retail Row, the festivity paved way for the development’s concept restaurants to showcase their unique dishes. The retail establishments that participated were Asakusa, Alley, Backyard Kitchen + Brew, Burger Pub, Om Indian Kitchen, The Gardens, Sunrise Buckets, Precynct, and The Village Barber. As residents and guests bonded over food while dining al fresco, music icon True Faith entertained them with an upbeat live performance.

Restaurants at The Retail Row were put into spotlight during the event

Al fresco dining is best enjoyed with live music

True Faith serenaded guests with their famous hits

Each restaurant showcased their signature dishes

Picnic tables were set to encourage conversations among friends and strangers