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Everyone deserves a great place to live in. At the end of a tiring day from work or school, there is nothing better than relaxing in your own home. Owning a condominium is one of best housing option available and – through innovative real estate developers such as Rockwell Land – it is changing the way people live. No wonder there are so many residential condominiums in Pasig City and all over the Philippines! Plenty of Filipinos are embracing the condo life and it is evident in the steady rise of property developments especially in mid and high-rise residential condominiums.


They are generally placed in urbanized locations so residents can easily get whatever they need within walking distance. There are also condominiums that offer a mix of residential and commercial spaces so residents don’t need to go out the building anymore for food and other general necessities. The amount of people who prefer purchasing a condo over other options is increasing because of the many benefits living in a condominium offers:

  • Maintenance. One of the biggest draws of condo ownership is that it requires minimum maintenance. This means that you do not have to mow the lawn or repair the outside structure of the building because the developer will take care of them. Your monthly condo fees cover these services already. So, instead of worrying about them, focus your attention on what you want to do!
  • Amenities. Common areas like pools and recreation rooms offer opportunities to socialize with neighbors. There are other amenities as well like the gym, function rooms, and spas for the residents’ convenience. This means that you don’t have to travel far if you want to take a dip in the pool or work out. It also means that you have access to these otherwise expensive facilities just by living in a condo.
  • Location. As aforementioned, condos are almost always located in prime spots in a major city. You might pay a hefty amount to possess your very own condo unit but you will definitely save a lot of money since it allows you access to plenty of amenities and your home is in close proximity to work and other various city hot spots.
  • Security. Condos offer greater security especially in comparison to other housing options. To ensure that residents and their belongings are always safe from intruders, real estate developers integrate tight security measures. This is ideal particularly for residents who love to travel; at least when they are away, they know that someone is always looking after their homes.
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In an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Theresa Samaniego wrote, “the same ‘Rockwell Magic’ was replicated in another site outside the comforts of the all-familiar Rockwell Center.” The condominium is located on C5 road and it is considered as the company’s first residential company outside Makati. Samaniego continues, “as officials had put it, the company has brought its ‘signature Rockwell lifestyle outside the walls of its predecessor Rockwell Center’.”

The Grove residents are welcomed with green grass, fresh air, and resort-like amenities that are bound to please those who love nature with a dash of style and luxury. The 5.4 hectare property promises to be the ‘oasis within the city’, which only means that the residents will experience the same quality and exclusivity that had always been synonymous to the Rockwell label. Future residents can expect:

  • A lot of open space. The Grove prides itself as the perfect suburban cityscape development with its bike trails, jogging paths, and abundant plants within the property.
  • Safety. The Grove has a roster of highly reliable security personnel who make rounds within the property 24/7. There is also a backup in case any power outages occur. Rockwell even employed flood and earthquake consultants to create state-of-the art design techniques to ensure that the property can withstand calamities.
  • Ideal community. Rockwell Land prides itself in developing communities where everything residents might need is located nearby. Aside from the facilities available inside The Grove itself, there are other establishments outside the condominium like world-class hospitals, schools, malls, and shopping centers!
  • High Quality. Even though it is more affordable, The Grove followed the same building standards its previous Makati projects had. There is absolutely no difference from the quality of the units to the landscaping and cleanliness of the surroundings, and even up to the personalized property management.

Living in The Grove is convenient and the quality and luxury offered in this community is something to look forward to. No one will regret buying a unit in The Grove thanks to the advantages its location offers and the promise of a luxurious life away from the bustling city. There are still a lot of The Grove residential condominiums available in Pasig City and if you want to view a model for The Grove in Rockwell Land, contact us by using these numbers: (+63) 908-812-3890, (+63) 917-797-5283, and (+63) 2-531-5670. You can also email us at [email protected].