Fostering a healthy community

Over the years, people have become more conscious and aware of the need to have a healthier lifestyle. With today’s contemporary way of living that reflects the modern age, they understand the greater need to often be at the top of their game and be masters of multitasking and juggling commitments. It can get very demanding, which is why they have turned to the wellness industry in order to become more efficient in what they do, feel good about their personal accomplishments, and achieve internal balance and harmony. As a community developer greatly attuned with the current needs of its members, The Grove by Rockwell understands this all too well.\r\n\r\nBuilt on the strong belief that the environment greatly affects the way people live, Rockwell Land has thoughtfully developed The Grove by Rockwell as a breathing residential complex that is conducive for a healthier way of life. Composed of 75-percent open spaces and lush greeneries, residents are given the most wonderful treat of retreating with nature without hassling through the traffic of the city. With its sprawling lawn and beautifully landscaped areas, residents can easily find a good spot for meditation and restore their inner peace and harmony after a very hectic day.\r\n\r\nFurthermore, The Grove by Rockwell offers facilities that support and promote the fit and healthy lifestyle. Physically active residents can enjoy a good run at the Amenity Deck’s jogging trail. The Podium Amenity’s 25-meter lap pool and the 755-square meter main pool at the Amenity Deck, which spans to 8,000 square meters of open space for a variety of activities, are perfect for individuals who enjoy a total body workout that improves both stamina and breathing. Muscle toning, cardio exercises, core strengthening — all these can be done inside the residential complex’s fully-equipped fitness center. Truly, nothing has been left to chance at The Grove by Rockwell, especially when it comes to getting fit and being fab.\r\n\r\nAs it continues to evolve in order to better meet the needs of its community, The Grove by Rockwell continues to innovate and provide ways to better foster a healthy community. With great support for a lifestyle that promotes awareness on total wellness, The Grove ensures that it will always have happy residents that are holistically fulfilled.\r\n\r\nWith only a few units left, be part of healthy community and come home to wellness at The Grove by Rockwell.\r\n\r\nFor more information, visit sales office at The Grove by Rockwell, along C5, near Ortigas, Pasig City, or call (632) 571-8151.