Forget to treat your mom on Valentine’s Day? Take her to these ‘Tita’ restos

If you feel like you let your mom down on Valentine's Day because you were out with your special someone, make it up to her by taking her on a date at any of these certified "Tita" places at The Grove by Rockwell in Pasig City. 

Here are some suggestions from restaurant finder app, Zomato: 

1. Alley 

Photo by Alyssa Yu

Featuring American cuisine, Alley offers classic casual dining delights from steak to sandwiches. 

It has salads, soups, and pasta for those who want light meals. 

Its coffee and tea blends are must-haves, especially during afternoons when all you want is a long chat about your life plans. 

Photo by Alyssa Yu

Apart from that, Alley also has a full bar that features different wines, cocktails, and other drinks that you can reserve for some serious talk. 

2. The Gardens 

Photo by Alyssa Yu

If mom's a bit health conscious, try taking her to The Gardens. 

This healthy-food restaurant features Italian and American cuisine, serving dishes made of fresh ingredients. 

Photo by Alyssa Yu

It serves pancakes for breakfast, salads and soups for lunch, as well as pasta and steak for dinner. 

3. Pi Breakfast & Pies

Photo by Rhys Buccat, ABS-CBN News

Looking to pack your tummy at breakfast? This restaurant offers some of your early morning favorites such as omelets and different types of "silogs."

Photo by Rhys Buccat, ABS-CBN News

It has a variety pancakes, breads, and other pastries that you must try along with their famous pies. If mommy has a sweet tooth, she'd be happy here. 

4. Om Indian Kitchen

Photo by Rhys Buccat, ABS-CBN News

Does your mom fancy the flavorful kick of Indian spices? Om's the right place for you. 

Photo by Rhys Buccat, ABS-CBN News

Samosas and other popular South Asian finger foods are on the menu. It also offers Kofta and kebabs. Try these with Om's soothing lemon ginger cooler or relaxing Masala Chai, a milk-based black tea brewed with different aromatic spices. 

Ignore the limited dining space, a food trip here is a must-do.

5. The BurgerPub 

Photo by Rhys Buccat, ABS-CBN News

Looking for a place where you can just chill with a bottle of ice-cold beer? Drop by The BurgerPub and grab some of its specialty burgers. 

Photo by Rhys Buccat, ABS-CBN News

Available in different flavors, the burgers are huge and yummy. Croquettes and gambas are also on the menu, and everything else you can think of that matches perfectly with a brewski. 

6. Chef Jessie Grill 


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You'll feel totally at home if you love your meat grilled. From lamb to pork, from prawns to salmon, the gridiron game is strong here.

If mom isn't exactly into that, she can order fresh salad, made mostly of local ingredients such as alugbati and eggplant and equally top-notch.

It also serves an array of pica-pica, such as baked mussels, gambas, and the all-time Pinoy favorite, sisig. 

7. Asakusa

Photo by Rhys Buccat, ABS-CBN News

Craving tempura? You came to the right place.

Asakusa is known for its flavorful and evenly cooked tempura made of tiger prawns. It also serves deep-fried Shiitake mushrooms, squids, eggplants, and many more. 

Photo by Rhys Buccat, ABS-CBN News

You can also try its other offerings such as the tuna salad or California maki. 

8. Sunrise Buckets

Photo by Rhys Buccat, ABS-CBN News

The perfect within-the-city getaway for those who want to escape the concrete jungle and other cosmopolitan stressors. 

Photo by Rhys Buccat, ABS-CBN News

Sunrise Buckets serves heavy breakfast meals that include omelets, pancakes, sausages, and more. They also serve buffalo wings, burgers, and fries. 

Beers and cocktails are served. 

9. Backyard Kitchen + Brew

Photo by Rhys Buccat, ABS-CBN News

Featuring a mix of American and Italian cuisine, Backyard Kitchen + Brew is a casual-dining restaurant that features a diverse menu. 

It serves salads, rice bowls, sandwiches, and soups, among others, but its staple are the meat dishes, particularly its baby-back ribs.

Photo by Rhys Buccat, ABS-CBN News

Beer and other alcoholic beverages are served, but the Backyard Margarita Fishbowl is a must-drink. 

10. Hanamaruken

Photo by Rhys Buccat, ABS-CBN News

Famous for its so-called "Happiness Ramen," this Japanese restaurant serves various kinds of noodle dishes at reasonable prices. 

Photo by Rhys Buccat, ABS-CBN News

Tempura and rice bowls are on the menu, too.

If your mom is into exquisite dinnerware, this could be her place.

As published in ABS-CBN News on February 19, 2017: http://news.abs-cbn.com/life/02/18/17/forget-to-treat-your-mom-on-valentines-day-take-her-to-these-tita-restos