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June 22, 2017


BY Grace Libero-Cruz
Photographs by Jar Concengco and Paul Del Rosario
Shot on location at The Grove by Rockwell
Special thanks to Pottery Barn

INGENUITY AND CREATIVITY come into play when styling a condo unit efciently. Streamlining and clever planning are essential in ensuring that each area is maximized, to address the lifestyle preferences of those who live in it. Living in a condo unit affords homeowners more freedom in living the life they want; downsizing to the most basic things they’ll ever need gives them less stuff to maintain and more room to champion an elevated lifestyle, tailorftted to exactly how they want it. In this special feature, Metro Home & Entertaining enumerates the key elements that can make a big difference when decorating your space: layout, color and texture, furniture and storage, ceiling treatment, and lighting. Featuring units from The Grove by Rockwell, learn how to decorate your condo with an elegant style, practical functionality, and a homey feel with the abovementioned factors in mind.


For odd corners that would otherwise be left unused, consider creating a focal point out of it by choosing a statement piece of furniture to anchor the space. As seen here, the blue wingback armchair in the living room was set up in such a way that it becomes the center of attention on the corner, and made to look like a nook on its own, with a little accent table on the side and a storage ottoman.

At the same time, despite the furniture piece’s standout color, the vignette was integrated seamlessly into the rest of the living room setup so harmoniously that it becomes part of a whole. The conscious inclusion of a carpet connects all the elements in the living room. The choice of a chaise sectional sofa and its perpendicular placement to the unconventionally-shaped corner perfectly demarcates the space and provides a visual separation from the dining room.

Don’t leave any corner unutilized; create a cozy nest based on your lifestyle requirements. A small workspace, a reading nook, or an extra seating space for entertaining guests are smart design tricks. In these examples, a couple decided on investing in a massage chair they know they’d love to come home to every day after a long day at work. They also have a mini bar set up in a corner by a floor-toceiling window, which is not only functional but also eclectically decorative. The other unit, meanwhile, maximized an unconventionally-shaped corner by styling it with a dining cart whose size and height perfectly suits the space; it’s a bonus that the dining cart has wheels so it can be moved around and repurposed.


Color and Texture

Do not underestimate the impact of the right paint color and smart color combination in a condo unit. Go for light, cool and pale colors on the walls as they tend to make a room look bigger. For a more visually interesting space, paint one wall in a statement color and the rest in a lighter one—like in this example, wherein the living room sported a refreshing vibe with the cool blue and white wall paint combination. Paint is a fairly affordable solution to bringing some character to an otherwise plain space.

Instead of going for a solid color on the wall, opt for texture. Its effect may be subtler than solid paint, but it sure adds character to the wall. An accent wall in white brick, for example, gives a rustic or industrial vibe; not only is it modern, it also serves as a perfect canvas for any décor style.

When decorating an area, put together pieces with colors that complement each other. As shown in the vignette here, a corner in a bedroom looks cohesive because the colors of the chair, lamp, and curtains are complementary, and against the white wall and wood flooring, they stand out.

Furniture and Storage

How your condo unit will appear bigger largely depends on your choice of furniture pieces. There are lots of options in the market nowadays, but don’t be overwhelmed and get blinded by the style factor alone. You can make smarter purchases by choosing dual purpose pieces that are likewise space-saving.

Pick those so-called “transformer” or convertible furniture, like the popular murphy bed that comes with a couch underneath or a dining table for six that can expand to accommodate eight people (as seen in photo).

Condo dwellers are always in need of places to stash their things, so it’s important to have pieces of furniture that do more than what they actually look like. The chest of drawers above, styled with a mirror on top, instantly becomes a doubleduty piece; it can also serve as a vanity of sorts when you make use of the top part as the spot for your personal care products.

The dining setup above, meanwhile, looks chic and elegant, thanks in part to the statement floor-to-ceiling glass cabinet behind it. It is a known trick of the trade that incorporating well-placed mirrors in small spaces help create an illusion of a bigger room, but they can actually do more. In this case, the glass cabinet was placed across a window, so the effect of the natural light in the room is amplifed. The fact that this piece is, frst and foremost, a cabinet is an absolute plus!


Ceiling Treatment
Ceilings are often overlooked and left featureless when decorating a space. When you look at the whole picture, however, you’ll realize that they are as important as the walls and the floors. They likewise contribute to and influence the space’s overall look. For condo units with modest ceiling height, especially, paying attention to the ceiling treatments will give the room a seemingly higher effect.

Coved or recessed ceilings are a go-to design trick for a reason; not only do they add a layer of depth to the ceiling, they also create an illusion of height.


A variation of the coved or recessed ceiling is best showcased in this kitchen, which features wooden vertical slats that enhance visual height and create an elongated effect.

Good and proper lighting is key to setting the ambiance of your home and at the same time focusing on certain areas where light is needed the most. Aside from the general and ambient types, it’s also a must to consider specifc lighting.

Opt for floor lights with directional lights, so they can focus on illuminating important areas. Lamps like this are valuable because oftentimes there are only a few provisions for ceiling lights in condo units or apartments.

One more way to maximize a space is by making the most out of the natural light. Keep the windows simple and clutter-free to allow in as much natural light as possible. In the example shown here, the dresser with lighting was ingeniously positioned by the window, a style trick that would appeal to the female homeowners who would want to make sure they got the shade of their foundation right even minus the dresser’s diva lights. Imagine a home defned by elegance and practicality.

It only takes a few smart designing and decorating choices to make your dream condo unit—one that best mirrors your personality, matches your lifestyle, and works to your convenience—a reality.

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